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And after just one season, Maurizio Sarri left Stamford Bridge. But what is shocking is the decision where to continue his career. The 60-year old will be the coach of the Italian champion, Juventus in the next three seasons.

After leading Napoli for three years, and developing a huge rivalry with the Old Lady, which sometimes went over the boundaries of normal and healthy, Sarri’s decision is highly controversial. Napoli’s fans are already angry because of it, and some of Juve’s ultras also indicated that they wouldn’t accept him warmly. The coach himself made several actions and gestures which were insulting for Juventus’ fans and organization during his stay in Naples.

It might look a bit odd for the Italian who won the Europa League trophy, to decide to drop the remaining two years of his contract with the club from London. But when you look better at it, it is a rational decision. Chelsea can’t bring any players in the next two transfer windows, Eden Hazard left, and there are lots of problems surrounding the club which affect the players and the team’s results.

Roman Abramovich is not welcome in England anymore, and he runs the operations from abroad. All that created a strange atmosphere at Stamford Bridge, and we know that the Russian likes to have everything under firm control, which creates even more problems.

Sarri also stated on several occasions that his opinion is not appreciated enough and that he wants to be a part of every decision-making process. Also, according to the coach himself, living in England is something he didn’t get used to, and the influence of the media was too toxic for him.

The additional reason for his wish to go back to Italy was the state of his parents, who are pretty old.

Who is going to take his place?

Frank Lampard might be Chelsea's new manager.

Those are the reason Sarri’s departure from the Blues, and now a little bit about consequences.

The first and the biggest one shall be concerned about Chelsea’s new manager. A lot of names are an option, but one stands above, and that is Frank Lampard’s.

The legend of the Blues and one of the most beloved players among the fans is currently at Derby County where he has two more years on his contract. The Rams will ask for a £4 million compensation, which shouldn’t be a problem for Chelsea, who received £5.3 million from Juve for Sarri.

During his playing stint at Chelsea, Lampard won three Premierships, four FA Cups and one Champions League, and was a part of the generation which revolutionized Blues’ role in both English and European football.

Sarri’s First Decisions at Juve

Another consequence might be felt pretty soon. According to various sources, upon his arrival in Turin, Sarri immediately asked Juve’s management to bring two players from London. One is Jorginho and the second Emerson Palmieri.

Jorginho is Sarri’s favourite, and that is a well-known fact, so we might expect to see him in the black and white jersey in the near future. That would weaken Chelsea’s already troubled squad and severely damaged their potential for the upcoming season. Jorginho was one of their crucial players and was a great addition when arrived from Napoli.

Chelsea faces a tough period ahead of them. They will have to keep what is left of their team and develop some new faces from their own academy. That is if they want to stay among the top clubs in European and English football. Lampard might be a good fit for such a thing, as he already knows many youngsters who are members of youth selections at Stamford Bridge.

All in all, Maurizio Sarri’s move caused and will cause many more changes in European football.

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