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Paddy Power have really gone all out with their latest advertising campaign. It stars the French legend Eric Cantona who provides the viewers with an ‘escape from the madness’. Cantona is at an old sea fort which he calls his ‘Brexit Bunker’. He tries to hide there from the constant talk about the process.

What is Paddy Power’s new ad?

People are already tired of hearing about Brexit, but seeing as the negotiations are coming to an end soon, Paddy Power decided to pair up with the Spanish agency Officer & Gentleman to create a promotional campaign with Manchester United legend Eric Cantona. In the advert, Cantona plays the role of an ‘Official Brexit Ambassador’ and encourages people to make a ‘Brexit from Brexit’ and go to the Brexit Bunker which is located between the UK and France. Cantona’s offer includes a two-night stay with meals included.

The advert has comedic undertones and makes fun of Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, and David Cameron. Cantona said about Johnson: “Brexit is like Boris Johnson’s hair, he’s the only one who doesn’t think it’s a complete disaster.” He then added: “I have created the Brexit Bunker: A British Noah’s Ark! Here, one specially selected Brit can take shelter from the constant bombardment of Brexit chatter, thanks to Cantona and Paddy Power.”

What do people think about the ad?

Here’s what Paddy Power’s head of major brand activations Paul Mallon said about the advert:

Paul Mallon

“For a brand, meddling in Brexit is a minefield. We decided to focus on milestones, not moments because if you tried to react every time there was a daft Brexit moment we’d be broken. So we wanted an audacious, bold and sharp-witted activation to land before the original Brexit Day, March 29 and said some prayers that it’d remain a giant clusterfuck until then. Our political friends didn’t disappoint” Paddy Power’s head of major brand activations

According to a spokesman for Paddy Power, Cantona is the perfect man to solve the Brexit conundrum. Paddy Power once again showed that it can make viral ads and the company understands its customers. That became clear after reading the overwhelmingly positive feedback left in the YouTube comments by people.

If you don’t win a stay at the Brexit Bunker with Cantona, then Paddy Power has you covered as well. They released instructional videos which can be found on their YouTube channel. The competition can be found by clicking here.


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