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Joshua Simpson

horse race betting iconMy uncle used to take me to the race courses all the time. The speed of the horses and the sheer strength of their legs used to amaze me as a kid. Of course, my uncle would always place a bet on a horse and actually, he seemed to be quite good at it. Even when he didn’t win much he still won. When I was old enough he taught me exactly what to look out for when it came to betting on odds and I have used that knowledge all throughout my life, betting on prize fights, casino tables and horse races just like my uncle did. I’m ready to share that experience with you so that you can be more knowledgeable the next time you hit the racetrack or pop into the local bookies.

Tim Adams

football sports betting iconFrom a very young age I was introduced into the world of betting. Me and my school mates used to play video games and we quickly developed a game around it that involved betting. It was super simple – whoever won the game won whatever prize we had all given in that day, whether it was extra bus money or a toy that we no longer wanted. From then on, I felt the hook of betting sink into me. When I was old enough to place real bets, I would march down to my local bookies and place a bet on local football matches. Ever since then I have been making monthly bets on races and football matches and can confidently share my knowledge on how to play the odds.

Marnie Johnson

sports betting iconEvery Sunday night my family would have game night. We’d play monopoly, cluedo and most importantly, cards. We used to bet with monopoly money on various different card games like newmarket and blackjack. It was a great way to learn about betting and odds without losing any money. After I finished college I went to university to study business management and statistics, and set about using those skills in the world of betting. Now, I host this website with my incredible friends and hope to share my knowledge of betting with anyone that is keen to learn more.

Sophie Shaw

esports betting iconWhen I met Marnie in university (I studied web design and she studied business management and statistics) I saw a spark that we both shared. This spark has been prevalent throughout our many years of friendship and it is what has compelled us to create this site for the masses to enjoy. Along with the rest of the team, I share a passion for sports betting and hope that I can share my personal tips and tricks with everyone else who is interested. With all of our combined knowledge on the subject of sports betting I am sure that you will learn something new whilst on your journey through our site.

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