Brooklyn Becomes the Contender, 76ers Doing Some Serious Business

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The start of the NBA free agency has brought a lot of excitement. Just before it started two big news exploded.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant decided to land in Brooklyn and play for the Nets in the next four years. But that was just the start. Throughout the night, all sorts of agreements have been reached, and we will tell you only the most important ones.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant move to Brooklyn

KD and Kyrie signed four-year deals, worth $164 million in Durant’s case, and $141 million for Irving. They are negotiating with the management to take less than the offered, in order to make room for DeAndre Jordan who will sign $40 million four-year deal also.

Brooklyn had to give up on D’Angelo Russell. But there was a team who welcomed him with open arms. The Golden State Warriors received the perfect guy for their team and the one who will have the biggest motive to show both Lakers and the Nets that they did wrong for not believing in him.

Russell will sign a $117 million contract and commit for the period of the next four years. It is a stunning move, and practically nobody saw this happening. Nobody could predict to see Russell in Golden State, but that is just the beauty of the NBA free agency.

There is one more excellent news for the Warriors fans. Klay Thompson will stay for five next years in California, as he accepted a $190 million offer for his loyalty.

Besides this, several other earth-shaking moves happened over the night.

Philadelphia 76ers Draft News

Philadelphia 76ers made strong moves on the market. They landed Al Horford from the Boston Celtics, offering him a 4-year contract worth $109 million. Former Florida Gator will bring more defence into the paint, and along with Embid, this team will have arguably the best frontcourt in the league.

Tobias Harris also stayed in Philly. In the upcoming five seasons, Harris will earn $180 million, making this guy a legit superstar.

In order to make this moves, the 76ers had to give up some guys, JJ Redick went to New Orleans, where he will guide the young Pelicans, and take care of how they develop.

In the meantime, Jimmy Butler is targeting Florida as the next destination. In return, Philly would get Josh Richardson. The three-way trade would include Dallas Mavericks, who might get Goran Dragic.

According to various sources, Butler would get $142 million for 4 years.

The Milwaukee Bucks managed to keep their valuable players.

The team on the rise, Milwaukee Bucks have done a massive job last night, keeping two of their very valuable players. Khris Middleton and Brook Lopez are staying in Wisconsin. Middleton gets fantastic $178 million for 5 years, while Lopez significantly less, $52 in four seasons.

However, Bucks lost Malcolm Brogdon, former Rookie of the Year. He will join Indiana for $85 million over the next four years. He will try to fill in the gap which appeared after Bojan Bogdanovic decided to go to Utah.

The Croat will get a four-year $74 million contract and will have a chance to make something noticeable with the Jazzers who lacked a player of his abilities.

The one team who is without a doubt the losing side following last night’s development are the New York Knicks. After all the euphoria and stories, the Knicks turned out empty-handed. No Durant, no Kyrie, no Jimmy Butler. Their biggest success yesterday was landing Julius Randle, $63 million for three seasons.

But that is just bad for the franchise from the Big Apple.

Two more big news, Jamal Murray extended his contract with the Nuggets, same as Damian Lillard with the Trail Blazers. Murray will receive $179 million for five seasons, Dame $196 million for one-year fewer.

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